Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka  produces some of the best black teas in the world today.

High-grown delights such as Nuwara Eliya and the Somerset are bright and strong and flavoury. Lower-grown teas from the Kandy region are richer and thicker and make great breakfast teas.

There really is something for everyone in our frankly excellent collection of Ceylon teas. Discovering all the teas that this tiny jewel in the Indian ocean produces would be a lifetime’s labour of love.

Ceylon Coolbawn

A rich, full-flavoured Single Estate Ceylon tea. Grown in Nawalapitya near Kandy, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka and the original tea-growing region. Perfect for enjoying with milk or lemon during the afternoon – a classic Ceylon

Ceylon Diyagama West

A fine, bright Ceylon from the Western tea region of Dimbula. Delicious with or without milk and perfect at any time of day

Ceylon Elpitiya Young Hyson

A superb, single-estate green tea, which offers sweetness balanced with a hint of bitterness and subtle vegetal undertones. Excellent as a light, refreshing afternoon tea or after a trip to the gym. Served without milk.

Ceylon Great Western

Dimbula BOP Great Western loose-leaf black te

Ceylon Hapugolla Red

As the only UK supplier of this extremely rare and unique tea from Uva, Sri Lanka, you can now enjoy this bright, crisp flavoured tea with a distinct hint of raspberries at any time of the day. Served without milk.

Ceylon Holyrood

If you only drink one Ceylon tea, make it this one. The Holyrood estate epitomises everything we love about Ceylon teas at their best. It is a rich, full-flavoured, coloury tea of great strength and balance. This is a perfect morning tea which can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Ceylon Kotiyagalla

Kotiyagalla – Leopard Rock – produces high-grown tea of world-class quality. A rich, pungent, mellow tea with a deep golden colour, it makes a good breakfast tea. It is also excellent for drinking throughout the day with a little milk.

Ceylon Lumbini Golden Slivers

Lumbini Golden Slivers (loose-leaf black tea)

Ceylon Newburgh

A full-flavoured, bright-liquoring tea with tremendous character and elegance. Perfect with a small amount of milk in the late afternoon as the heat of the summer’s day begins to cool. A high-grown Single Estate Ceylon from the famous Uva region in the Eastern highlands of Sri Lank

Ceylon Nuwara Tommagong

The Tommagong garden in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, at more than 1,800 metres above sea level, is a consistent producer of some of the greatest teas of the region. The leaf is reddish gold, with a clean, brisk aroma. It produces a fresh, bright, flavoury liquor, delicious with or without milk.

Ceylon Sivali Hills

This superb Sri Lankan green tea has an exceptionally bright flavour. It is as refreshing as the air on a mountain hillside gleaming under the first rays of sunshine as the showers clear. Served without milk.

Ceylon Somerset

Somerset, one of the great tea plantations of the famous Dimbula Valley of Sri Lanka, produces exceptional teas with a strong, bright, flavoury character. This tea is ideal for drinking in the morning with a small amount of milk.

Ceylon St Clair Pearls

Fed by the majestic St Clair’s Falls, this tea garden is surrounded by extraordinary scenery, which has embedded itself in each tea leaf. The result is a subtle honey-coloured liquor and a thisrt-quenching tea, best served without milk.

Ceylon Stockholm

Stockholm Tea Estate was established more than a hundred years ago. The garden produces outstanding high-grown teas with a bright, coloury character. The teas are unusually full-bodied for the Nuwara Eliya region and rich enough to take a little milk if desired.

Ceylon Tea Bags

Ceylon tea is brisk, clear, rich and full-flavoured, with a sometimes almost citrus freshness. Thirst-quenching and invigorating, this is a tea suitable for drinking at any time of day, with or without milk.

Ceylon Thotulagalla Orange Sun

Uva, home of the Thotulagalla garden, is one of the most famous tea districts in the world. Orange Sun is a classic Uva tea – smooth, rich, coloury and full of flavour. Can take milk.

Dikoya Norwood

The pictures are decorative and not accurate representations of the teas.

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